Have the Young Avengers found their new Thor?


The following article contains spoilers for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”. The God of Thunder is no stranger to grief, as his mother, father, brother and close friends have died in the past. However, fans are hopeful for his future, now that he’s channeling his energy into raising a child.

In the last moments of “Love and Thunder”, Thor seems to feel much better emotionally, having settled down to lead a fatherly home life with his adopted daughter Love. This new duo is sure to return in the future, as the post-credits scenes of the film confirmed Thor’s return, but Love may embark on his own “classic adventure” as the MCU progresses.

The Marvel cinematic universe, which created a mix of mostly successful and just good projects during Phase 4, has no direction at the moment. Unlike the first three phases, it is unclear what the ultimate goal will be for the current Marvel heroes, so fans can only speculate about the future. One possibility circulating online is that the MCU is gearing up to make a Young Avengers movie, as many of the originals are gradually becoming obsolete as new blood flows in. If this is the direction Marvel decides to move in, then it seems that the Young Avengers have just found their new Thor.

In addition to his worldly fatherly duties, Thor also teaches Love how to fight and protect those in need of salvation. Love confidently rushed into battle with Thor, an armed Thunderer, to gain practical experience to train her hero. It is also implied that Love can also lift Mjolnir, since she took it when Thor did not want to draw a face from the side.

Thor became the second Avenger to take custody of an inexperienced child, which fans first saw when Clint Barton teamed up with Kate Bishop when they worked together to defeat the sports mafia. At this point, it seems that the remaining members of the original MCU Avengers will take a break from saving the world to focus more on their personal lives and deal with their grief. It makes sense that Love and Kate once completely adopted the mantle of their mentors, so some viewers suspect that they will both become members of the Young Avengers.

In 2023, Marvel will also release a show called “Iron Heart”, in which the main character of the show, Riri Williams, will have to deal with the consequences of creating armor as perfect as those built by Tony Stark. Based on patterns from past projects, it becomes clear that the upcoming Disney Plus show will use Marvel’s new teen genius to take Iron Man’s place.

The premiere of “The Hulk Woman” is due to take place in August this year, and although the main character of the series Jennifer Walters claims that she does not want to be an Avenger in the trailer of the show, perhaps another green-skinned character with a new face will be happy to take Bruce’s place. Banner. Natasha Romanoff’s sister, Elena Belova, will most likely be involved in the movie “Thunderbolts”, and will not join the “Young Avengers”, so the replacement of the Black Widow is still necessary.

Meanwhile, Sam Wilson has already made contact with another young man after agreeing to become the new Captain America. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced Eli Bradley, also known as the Patriot in Marvel comics. Eli was part of the Young Avengers in the comics, and assuming the Young Avengers movie is around the corner, it makes sense for him to be the equivalent of Captain America.

At the same time, the team of Young Avengers consisted of a completely different group of comic book heroes. If Marvel decides to make a movie about the Young Avengers, they can do it one of two ways. First, they could find a replacement for the original six Avengers, as the franchise has been doing so far. Alternatively, the MCU can take the opportunity to recreate a squad of Young Avengers in real time, identical to the squad in the comics. The Multiverse traveler America Chavez, Kid Loki, Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie Lang and the Scarlet Witch twins Billy and Tommy were members of the Young Avengers in the comics. These characters have already been introduced to the MCU, so even though not all of them are fully superpowered yet, Marvel Studios may be planning to put together a comic book team again.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying that many of the original Avengers have worthy successors ready to complete what they started in 2012. As the never-ending stream of cosmic threats and multiverse chaos continues, Earth-616 needs heroes to save the universe. Safely. So far, Clint and Thor have done a great job of finding people willing to support the legacy that the Avengers have worked so hard to create.


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