Have prices for the Xbox Series and PS5 gone up in Brazil?


The prices of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in Brazil were the subject of much controversy today (08) after some players were frightened to find values ​​much higher than usual in online retailers.

A few hours ago, journalist Pedro Sciarotta posted on Twitter his ads for Ri Happy stores (where the PS5 was sold for R $ 6,499) and Amazon (where the Xbox Series X cost R $ 7,890). Amazon’s price was even more frightening since it was not a third-party vendor, but a delivery made by the Amazon Prime program itself:

The tweet ended up going viral and attracting the attention of several influencers, journalists and players, all very concerned with the issue. Thus, we sought the advice of Microsoft and Sony in Brazil to clarify the matter once and for all.

According to them, the suggested prices remain R $ 4,699 for the PS5 and R $ 4,599 for the Xbox Series X. According to Sony, “the price remains the same, without changes”. Microsoft also guaranteed that “the suggested price for the Xbox Series X remains R $ 4,599. The execution of the price is the responsibility of the retailers, please confirm with them for further details ”.

In other words, the higher prices you find on online sales platforms are the fault of the retailers themselves and the still very limited stock of the two systems. What do you think about the price of the next gen and all this confusion? Comment below!


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