Havaianas Presents Lana, The Drand’s New 3D Virtual Ambassador


3D Virtual: Word goes around that artificial intelligences (AIs) will dominate the world in the future, but in the present, virtual assistants are taking over the marketing world. This week, another famous brand AI kicked in: Iana is the new 3D virtual assistant from Havaianas, which helps customers and also serves as a model, following in the footsteps of solutions like Magalu.

In fact, Iana has been active since 2020, but only helping customers at the company’s online store. Now, she has won a 3D version and will assume the role of virtual ambassador for the brand.

“Iana has always been loved by everyone here in Havaianas. Since her birth, we’ve been concerned about how she could reflect the brand’s lifestyle,” said the vice president of marketing at Havaianas, Maria Fernanda Albuquerque. social networks and chat easily with any generation, with great humor and style”.

The company’s humanized assistant was created by Studio Hena, an in-house agency. Since it was activated, it made the brand conquer retention rates above the average, serving more than 400 thousand people in a month.

Havaianas’ idea is to create a virtual assistant that reflects the company’s style, reinforcing the brand on social media. If you’d like to get help, just go to the Havaianas website and look for Iana’s support — she’s also available to answer questions and interact on the brand’s Twitter profile.