Havaianas Launches Digital Art In NFT


Havaianas, a Brazilian sandal brand, recently announced that it will enter the lucrative and unusual NFT market. In collaboration with the designer and artist, Adhemas Batista, the company will launch its first collection this Wednesday (12th). The set of works, named Felicidade, tells part of the long history between the artist and the company – which began more than 15 years ago, in 2005.

Adhemas explains that the choice of name was motivated by the professional growth he obtained from his first job with Havaianas. “Revisiting my past with Havaianas, what I experienced and that allowed me to come to Los Angeles and settle here, makes me happy and that is why the collection’s theme is Happiness,” he says.

Despite the important rise, the beginning of everything was in the east side of São Paulo, where he started to draw. For this reason, and as a way to encourage other local artists, part of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Favela Galeria project, an open air museum located in the region.

Happiness Collection

The collection consists of five works of art, each inspired by a cinematographic title that addresses happiness. Among the artist’s inspirations are: Happy Feet; A Step to Happiness; Happy Citizen; Happy Spring; and Happy Heels. “My intention is to bring a smile in the middle of this chaotic world. It is not trying to fight chaos, but looking on the optimistic side and trying to embrace opportunities ”, explains Adhemas.

According to CMO of Alpargatas, Fernanda Romano, this will be a way to enter the market with authenticity. After all, although it is widely disseminated in some countries, the NFTs market is still incipient in Brazil. Therefore, a positive first impression will be very welcome.

The auction takes place today (12), by Foundation.app, and will last for 24 hours. As the platform uses the Ethereum digital currency, the bids are not geographically restricted, that is, they can be performed from anywhere in the world.


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