Hatik: What is this “Unity” project he introduced?


For several days, Hatik has been teasing a project called “Unity” on Instagram, in collaboration with Dadju, Soolking and Imen Es!

For several days, Hatik has been teasing a project entitled “Unity”, in collaboration with Dadju, Soolking or Imen ES.

Hatik and his colleagues are working with the collective “Unity” to help those affected by the Covid-19 crisis. “I know a lot of people who go through very complicated situations, people who cannot work. Especially in the neighborhoods, where I am all the time with my friends. The first to drink are those from disadvantaged neighborhoods, “Soolking explains.

In order to raise funds and support the action of dozens of associations, Hatik, Dadju, Soolking and Imens Es are releasing a first song on Friday. All the profits from this single will then go to associations that fight against precariousness.

So a great initiative from these four artists: Hatik, Soolking, Dadju and Imen Es! Don’t hesitate to pre-save it!


In parallel with this project, Hatik connects sounds and clips. Moreover, this Wednesday, November 18, he has just unveiled his brand new clip for the track “La Vida”, recorded featuring the young Hatik.

On a dancing and very rhythmic instrumental, Elams and Hatik play it bad boy in the atmosphere of Parisian nights. And we love it!

The clip seems to have been enjoyed a lot since it has been viewed nearly 320,000 times and commented on by many internet users. “Elams is already heavy so with Hatik 😍”, “Pretty melody I like”, “Really bad the sound you go too well together in feat it’s hard you have a hell of a flow”, “I don’t not expect this duo but it’s gave good! Is the kind of post we can read under the YouTube video.

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