Hatik powers up his new music video for La Péee!


An accomplished artist, Hatik does not hesitate to give strength to newcomers. As he does here for the young rapper La Péee!

Hatik has already done very well. However, he wishes others the same success as him.

So, whether as a rapper or an actor, Hatik is on all fronts. After the series “Validated”, the young man will be in the casting of the next series TF1.

Although his acting career took off, he didn’t forget music. After the success of his last feats, he explained in an Instagram story that his next album was finished.

Thus, in the caption, the latter writes: “We will never stop working. Nor to have fun. If I work and I’m not having fun, it is because I am not working well. It’s 4 o’clock, I’ve been totally fucked up for a week, but I still have so much fun even though the album is already finished. This is the workaholic talking. Big kisses to all. ”

You will understand, Hatik works hard, but he’s committed too. Also on his Instagram account, he recently shared an excerpt from his time on the set of “Taratata”, in which he denounced injustices and police violence through a transcendent text written for the occasion.


Having a good background, Hatik wishes young artists to succeed in their turn. This is the case with La Péee, for example.

Thus, in Story of his Instagram account, the interpreter of “Angela” posted the teaser of the new clip “Diamant Brut 5” of this young rapper from Le Havre. And this, even 7 days after its release!

In the caption, Hatik writes, “@la_peee loud buddy,” followed by a muscle arm emoji. Although he is already followed by almost 30,000 people, this could give him a hell of a boost!


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