Hatik is pleased to collaborate with Elams at “La Vida”!


On his Instagram account, Hatik expressed his pride in having collaborated with rapper Elams on the track “La Vida”

2020 has been a pretty successful year for Hatik. Indeed, despite the Covid-19, the young rapper was able to be brought to light and really explode thanks to the project of Franck Gastambide. This one, making the young artist his star in the Validé series. Since then, the OM fan has been making sounds and music videos. In fact, he just released a new track, a feat with Elams.

If some do not know the latter, rest assured, some info should make you understand who it is. Know, first of all, that he comes from Marseille. That he’s a friend of Jul’s and was involved in one of his latest projects.

Indeed, the one who has just collaborated with Hatik is part of the “13 Organized” group. He also “proved himself” in the song that exploded everything and greatly helped the success of this collaboration: “Organized Band”.

That’s why, like the actor of the Valide series, we can say that 2020 seems rather a good year for him too.

Between “13 Organized” and his feat with Hatik, Elams will probably not want to forget this year.


But what feat are we talking about? Because yes, some may not know what is the title on which the two artists have put their voice. Note that the song is called “La Vida”. And he’s already been clipped.

In fact, Hatik has just unveiled an excerpt in his story as you can see above. Moreover, he took advantage of this sharing to send a message. A message filled with love and admiration.

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If you were careful, you could see he was putting a little note on Elams. “With the brother”, simple, concise, and effective. Here is how we can summarize the 3 words written by the rapper for his friend.

It remains to be seen who Hatik will want to collaborate with in the future. Some are probably thinking of a next feat with Jul. Since he just had one with one of his proteges, nothing is impossible.


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