Hatik has been likened to a person on TikTok by her fans!


Fame engenders the love of fans but also their criticism and jokes. And that, Hatik may well quickly realize! While asserting himself more and more in the rap world, Hatik does not escape the many jokes of his fans on social networks like TikTok.

Hard-working, Hatik will not stop surprising you. Indeed, the latter recently announced on his social networks that his next project was finished. And so it would be an album this time.

Caption of an Instagram post, he wrote: “We will never stop working. Nor to have fun. If I work and I am not having fun, it is because I am not working well. It’s 4 o’clock, I’ve been totally fucked up for a week, but I still have so much fun even though the album is already finished. This is the working junkie talking. ”

But that’s not all ! While waiting to make an official announcement, the rapper continues the featurings. After releasing the clip-on track “La dalle” with Toma, Hatik has also just unveiled “La Vida” with Elams, the member of 13 Organized.


There is no doubt that Hatik remains an artist appreciated by his community. However, like any self-respecting star, the rapper isn’t immune to a few jokes on social media. As is the case on Twitter this morning!

For example, an internet user just posted a video found on TikTok of a person with curly brown hair who cannot be associated with any particular gender. In the caption, he writes: “She has something more,” followed by an emoji that sticks out its tongue. An ironic way of saying that this individual would have a different genital organ from the one claimed!

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A second internet user then shared the post, commenting, “She looks the same as Hatik.” So we hope the rapper has a sense of humor!


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