Hasan Criticizes IShowSpeed’s “Bullshit” Apology After “Racist” Outburst at World Cup


Twitch star Hasan “HasanAbi” Piper said IShowSpeed’s apology for his World Cup prank addressed to an Asian was “nonsense.”

On December 6, YouTube star IShowSpeed became popular during a live broadcast of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

While filming in the stands, watching his favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo play for Portugal, the 17-year-old boy ran into a Chinese football fan who was wearing an Argentina national team T-shirt. After the fan made it clear to Aids that he was Chinese and not Japanese, the YouTuber continued to shout “Konnichiva” at him, which scared the fan.

Aids has since apologized and also insisted that his comments were not racist.

Hasan criticized IShowSpeed’s apology for “racist” quarrel

Hasan watched Aids’ apology live on his Twitch channel and was less than impressed with how he handled the altercation.

In the Aids apology video , he said: “I don’t know why you guys think I meant racism.”

Hasan replied, “Yes, it’s crazy. I can’t believe people thought that. I mean, his apology is bullshit.”


Hasan continued and said, “He knows it’s nonsense and he has deceived his audience, which he knows is wrong. However, this does not often happen because of pure hatred.

“It’s done because you’re desperate to make people laugh.”

Pyker was referring to another Aids controversy on November 16 when he promoted a cryptocurrency “scam” during a joint live broadcast.


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