Hasbro Brings Back The Board Game HeroQuest And Announces Its Arrival In Spanish


HeroQuest: The toy company announces that it will be distributed in 2022, as well as the expansions, which will also be commercialized next year. Thirty years have passed since Avalon Hill HeroQuest was released. Hours and hours of games in the role-playing game and board, which will be multiplied thanks to the remastered version, which will be published in Spain by Hasbro next February 2022. In a press release, the toy company has explained that HeroQuest finally it will be published translated into Spanish. As if that were not enough, he has confirmed that the expansions will also be available throughout the next year.

The company recalled that the project was proposed by fans through the HasLab crowdfunding platform, where it got 400% more than the requested money. The players spoke loud and clear, so the company collected their feedback and opinions to shape this revamped version.

What is HeroQuest about and what new features are implemented?

HeroQuest has been conceived as a team game in which each player will take on the role of a character, with whom they must enter the dungeons scattered throughout the board. The main objective will be to defeat the sorcerer Zargon and his vassals, although each of the games will take a different look, according to the quest book. Together they will travel to a magical and dangerous world, represented in the game through illustrations that remain faithful to the spirit of the original, although some more modern touches are added.

HeroQuest includes a total of 65 detailed thumbnails, designed with feedback from users and patrons of the crowdfunding campaign in mind. The game introduces 14 different missions and revised rules.

With the announcement of HeroQuest, the reservation period opens, which have already started in Amazon, although in the following weeks it will start in other stores such as Fnac.