Hasan Jumps Out at TikToker For Claiming He Bought a “Solid Gold Cube”


Twitch star Hasan launched into a hilarious tirade against the TikTok commentator, who claimed that the famous streamer bought a “golden cube” worth $ 11.8 million.

Hasan is one of the most famous Twitch streamers. With more than 2.3 million subscribers on the platform, Hassan is known for his political commentary, as well as his popular podcast “Fear&” and humorous communication with other online broadcasters.

The streamer has been criticized in the past for some of his personal purchases, the most notable of which was a $200,000 Porsche he bought in February 2022 atop a $2.7 million Hollywood home.

Some viewers were critical of Hasan for these purchases, as the influential person’s political views saw him pick on rich public figures in the past.

This is a situation that continues to arise from time to time for the streamer… but the most recent criticism of him has pushed Hasan to the limit in a hilarious way.

During a recent broadcast, Hasan shared his discontent with a TikTok commentator who mistakenly claimed that the streamer bought the “golden cube” for $11 million, disagreeing with the obvious purchase because of his political views.

“Hasan is unbearable,” the commentator wrote. “He claims that he never claimed that he was a socialist, but literally claimed, and then spends 11 million on the golden cube.”

When another commenter approached him and said that Hasan had never made such a purchase, TikToker replied: “Maybe it was some strange dream that I had, but I still don’t like it.”

Hasan Criticizes TikTok Commentator for Buying a Gold Cube for $11 Million

Hasan got tired of it and lashed out at TikToker in an epic tirade. “How can he be so damn stupid!” he shouted. “How? How to survive on the planet? How? Do you sometimes forget to breathe?

“Literally it’s like, ‘I just don’t like this bastard. I saw him in a dream.”

Of course, Hasan never bought a gold cube for $11 million. This topic arose because of a satirical tweet published back in February amid all the controversy over Hasan’s purchase of a Porsche, when YouTuber ostonox photoshopped a streamer with an image of a golden cube.

Apparently, the picture was convincing enough for some to think that it was real… something that Hasan was clearly already tired of hearing.

However, this is no joke from his nose, as he is considered one of the most popular Twitch streamers of 2022, along with other big names such as xQc and Ibai.


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