Has WWE already leaked Brock Lesnar’s comeback date?


Brock Lesnar has been one of WWE’s most attractive players for a long time, and even though he just lost to Roman Reines at SummerSlam this weekend, he’s already been included in advertising for next year’s premium live event. It took everything Reigns, The Usos, Theory and Paul Heyman had to literally bury Lesnar during the main event of the Biggest party of the summer. The tribal leader retained his unified championship title by arranging a fight with Drew McIntyre at the September Clash At The Castle tournament.

It goes without saying that Lesnar will not be shown on WWE television for the foreseeable future. Injuries to Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton forced Vince McMahon to return to seemingly the only major match he was able to organize for SummerSlam in the Reigns vs Lesnar game. The two had just participated in the main event of WrestleMania 38, and then were featured again at WWE’s next major premium live event.

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Now it seems that WWE may have inadvertently revealed the possible timing of Lesnar’s return to action. @StateFarmArena’s Twitter profile revealed that he will be taking PLE on the first day of January 1, and literally the only wrestler who appears in the ad is Brock Lesnar.

World Wrestling Entertainment returns to the State Farm Arena in Atlanta with @WWE Day 1 on Sunday, January 1st, NEW YEAR’s DAY!

Watch your favorite superstars from Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown compete in the first premium tournament of the New Year!

🔗: https://t.co/5XMrpyXAC8 pic.twitter.com/SG2a3bULKO

— State Farm Arena (@StateFarmArena) July 30, 2022

Fans have to read a little between the lines, but WWE almost never shows wrestlers in advertising shows in which they will not participate. If someone is injured or plans to change, they are usually removed from advertising pretty quickly. The State Farm Arena account is not officially affiliated with WWE, so maybe there was some kind of wire crossing; especially since Lesnar was at the main event of the show last year. Nevertheless, first of all it is worth noting the appearance of The Beast Incarnate in advertising.

His future in WWE has been unclear since McMahon abruptly retired on July 22. Lesnar left to record Friday Night SmackDown, and reportedly the show had to be rewritten so that it could continue without him, but still leave the door open for him to return the same evening. Eventually, Brock appeared on the air, ending the evening by beating the holder of the Money In The Bank portfolio, Theory. Lesnar has obviously gone to the main event of WWE’s biggest summer show, and it looks like he may well be involved by the time Day 1 arrives this January. Who knows what the landscape will look like by that time, since Triple H will have been controlling the creative for about five months


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