Has Will G.I. Jane 2 ever happened?

Not only does G.I. Jane 2 still happen, a sequel to G.I. Jane would be much better today than in the original movie in 1997. Chris Rock’s ridicule of Jada Pinkett-Smith at the Oscar ceremony not only led to a slap in the face from Will Smith, but also inadvertently revived interest in the much-maligned feminist Ridley Scott. Action. G.I. Jane was a passion project for Demi Moore, who, as part of her duties as a producer, insisted that she and the actors undergo real seal training, which caused some male actors to refuse. Although G.I. Jane was largely criticized, Moore’s selfless performance as Lieutenant Jordan O’Neill erased the notion that Moore was nothing more than an auxiliary former member of the Brat Pack.
The epic plot of G.I. Jane speaks for itself. Jordan O’Neill becomes the first woman ever to complete a stressful 37-week training course for U.S. Navy Seals. Senior Commander Jack Urgale (Viggo Mortensen) takes O’Neal through hell, but only to give O’Neal, the only woman in the program, the opportunity to earn the respect of other trainees. Meanwhile, Senator Lillian DeHaven (Ann Bancroft), who gives O’Neill the opportunity to participate in the program, later reveals that she used O’Neill only as a political trump card. Working with Navy officials, DeHaven accuses O’Neill of being a lesbian in an attempt to kick her out. Later, trainees help lead Army Rangers out of combat, which is only possible thanks to O’Neill’s experience as a topographical analyst and her leadership abilities.
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G.I. Jane crawled through the mud of action movies so that the feminist ideas in “Black Widow”, “Wonder Woman”, “Kill Bill”, “Mad Max: Fury Road” and many other subsequent feminist action movies could take off and take off. G.I. The film “Jane” is far from ideal, especially during the dizzying scenes with cameras when fighting takes place. However, leaving aside Ridley Scott’s erroneous cinematic experiments, an argument can be made as to why Scott and/or Demi Moore deserve to make G.I. Jane 2. Apparently, subverting films from her own filmography, such as “Striptease” and “Disclosure,” Moore’s transformation into a muscular beast is, in fact, the only training montage of a female film that can make up a candle to the already classic and brutal training scenes in action films such as Batman v Superman. , Rocky and Blood Sport. Moreover, G.I. “Jane 2” is even more feasible today, because in the real world, the Navy Seals accepted their first female operative only in 2021 year — another proof that G.I. Jane was way ahead of her time.
Has G.I. Jane 2 ever been discussed?
G.I. Jane 2 was never in the plans, which is largely due to the poor reception of the film, although this is more evidence of misogynistic hatred directed at Demi Moore in the 90s than anything else. In 1996, Moore received $12.5 million for her role in a Striptease, becoming the highest-paid actress of that time, which is why the media dubbed her “Give Me Moore” and hinted that the actress was greedy. However, this salary actually pales in comparison with the salaries of other Hollywood male actors, including her then-husband. In fact, Bruce Willis’ salary for “Die Hard 3” in 1995 was $15 million. In the end, the “disputes” about Moore’s salary led to the fact that G.I. Jane earned only $ 48 million with a production budget of $ 50 million, which immediately kills the chances of a sequel.
Why G.I. Jane 2 was in the News – Explanation of Chris Rock’s Oscar Joke
G.I. Jane 2 made headlines when comedian Chris Rock joked that Jada “can’t wait for Soldier Jane 2” during the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony, mocking how Jada Pinkett-Smith suffers from alopecia, comparing Jada’s shaved head to how Demi Moore shaved it. own head for G.I. Jane. Rock used the baldness effect to compare Jada to a historical box office failure, compounded by a reference to a scene from a famous movie. In addition to being insensitive towards people with alopecia, this banal one-time joke was regarded by many as a bad move, since the comparison ultimately had no purpose other than an insult. Most importantly, this tasteless joke is the reason why Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Jane 2. This complicates the prospects of G.I. “Jane 2” is being created as part of its future potential related to the controversy in Hollywood. However, if that happens, the G.I. Jane sequel will undoubtedly be better received in today’s political climate.