Has Meghan Markle played a villain in “James Bond”?


Could Meghan Markle play the role of a villain in the James Bond movie? We’ll give you more details. Could Meghan Markle play a villainous role in James Bond?

The James Bond film saga has always fascinated fans. In fact, years before Daniel Craig confirmed that No Time to Die would be her last, fans were already imagining who could replace him.

Obviously, all fan speculation turned out to be false. But let’s face it, it’s pretty cool to imagine what the cast of the next movie might look like.

Recently, a Redit user posted a photo of Kate Middleton on the James Bond fan page. The Duchess’s photo was taken on Remembrance Day last Sunday.

The pretty brunette then displayed in a total black look. Solemn, with a determined gaze, it must be said that one would imagine her playing the role of a villain in James Bond.

“Meghan, I hadn’t thought about you anymore. »Writes the fan. Obviously he had rather imagined Meghan Markle as a villain.


So rather Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle? The James Bond fan seems satisfied with both.

But imagine if Meghan Markle could star in a James Bond movie. She would thus be a member of the royal family before setting up her own organization.

Earlier this year, the Sussex couple had formed their association. Which had caused quite a stir.

The media Jezebel then compared Meghan Markle to a villain from the James Bond film. Thus, the young actress would even play her own role.

We must admit that this might appeal to some who already consider her a villain in real life. Her mistake? Have decided to leave the royal family.

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You should know that the royal family has very good relations with the producer of James Bond. Imagine a James Bond-The Crown crossover! Case to be continued.


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