Has Kanye West Been Removed From Twitter For Displaying a UFO Cult Symbol?


Kanye West was kicked out for publishing a cult symbol? Singer Donda has been at the center of all the controversy in the last few months. In fact, the singer, who was very active on social media, was also removed from several platforms for continuing his offensive anti-Semitic comments.

In fact, Elon Musk, who believes in freedom of speech, even restored Ye’s account, but then the two of them had a conflict, because of which he was banned again. But one of his last few tweets was about a sign that looked like a Jewish community sign, but in the wrong sense. Now reports show that in fact it could have been something else that the singer wrote about.

What symbol did Kanye West write about?

Although Ye was obviously guilty of anti-Semitic comments, the reason he was kicked off Twitter could have been misunderstood. According to the New York Post, after UFO sightings in 1973, a cult called the Raëlians was formed. This has given rise to several beliefs, including that intelligence gained immediately after sex can help in the creation of advanced technologies. French racing journalist Claude Vorhilon saw then and believed that the aliens would return to earth again. As for the symbol, he told Newsweek back in 2020, “Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Jews and Nazis.”

Hitler’s party began only in the 1920s, and before that the swastika was not attached to the Nazi Party. In fact, they want the sign to be understood, and not associated with the brutality of concentration camps. Their unique symbol represents infinity due to its ascending and descending directions. As for the cult, they even have women who guard themselves sexually in case of an alien visit.

Before his second ban, Ye posted a symbol with the tweet “Ye24. Love for everyone.” Many perceived this message as offensive to the Jewish community because of its similarity to their religious symbol. Given his pro-Hitler comments, it seemed like an addition. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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