Has Jamie Lee Curtis officially finished “Halloween After Graduation”? Here are her honest thoughts


The horror genre has flourished for years, and the current renaissance is inspiring studios to bring back some of the best horror films with new sequels. This was partly due to the frenzied success of the 2018 film Halloween, which was expanded into a full-fledged trilogy directed by David Gordon Green. But the Halloween Ends triquel is expected to be Curtis’ last appearance as Laurie Strode, but is she officially done with slasher? Here are her sincere thoughts.

“The End of Halloween” was one of the most anticipated upcoming horror films ahead of its release, and in just a few weeks we’ll see Laurie’s final battle with Michael Myers in theaters and streaming on Peacock. Jamie Lee Curtis was recently asked by SFX if she’s really done with ownership for good, where she spoke honestly about how her slasher career has surprised her over the years. As the “True Lies” icon put it,

Five years ago, the last thing I thought was that I would be doing a Halloween movie. And so I, [laughs], completed three of them with a fantastic creative group of people. This not only satisfied me personally and creatively, but also opened my creative path to a completely different world. Now I have a creative life thanks to a Halloween movie and success. Now I have a partnership with Jason Bloom at Blumhouse, I have a production company, I wrote a script for a horror movie that I will shoot, I produce TV series, I buy books. All this was the last thing I thought of doing five years ago. So it’s silly to say never.

She has a point of view. Jamie Lee Curtis has seemingly said goodbye to Laurie Strode several times during her career. Halloween II ended her original story, and H20 and Resurrections provided Lori with a different ending. The end of Halloween is the “final reckoning” between her character and Figure, but maybe we’ll see her reappear in the future. Fingers crossed.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ comments are sure to excite generations of Halloween fans who can’t imagine a sequel to the franchise without her role as Laurie Strode. Although the “Freaky Friday” actress is experiencing emotions from a possible farewell to her signature character, she does not completely rule out the possibility of another appearance. Because, as she put it, she never expected to return to the last trilogy.

No one can make a career as successful as Jamie Lee Curtis by limiting themselves. And, as she explained, her return as Laurie Strode in the 2018 Halloween movie Blumhouse helped launch a new phase of her professional life. Now she has a partnership with the studio and her own production. Moreover, Curtis has played amazing roles in such projects as “Get Knives”, “Everything everywhere and at once” and the upcoming film “Borderlands”.

The content of “Halloween Ends” is largely kept secret, which should help viewers get an exciting movie viewing experience. The four-year time jump will have a big impact on Laurie Strode, who seems to be letting go of her obsession with Michael. Which should increase the stakes when he returns for more victims.

“The End of Halloween” will be released in cinemas and “Peacock” on October 14. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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