Has Fethullah Gulen been poisoned? Is Fethullah Gulen dead?


Is Fethullah Gulen dead? Is Fethullah Gülen dead after social media posts about the death of FETÖ’s ringleader, Fethullah Gülen, who carried out the treacherous coup attempt of July 15? Has Fethullah Gulen been poisoned? Why did Fethullah Gulen die? Who killed Fethullah Gulen? questions began to be asked. So is it true that Fethullah Gulen is dead?

It has been claimed that Fethullah Gülen, the ringleader of FETÖ, who carried out the coup attempt on July 15, was killed this time after the photo shared recently. According to the news in the Calendar, a social media user on Twitter claimed that Gülen was poisoned by a Turkish intelligence officer who had infiltrated him with the “secret cube” Cevdet Türkyolu, whom Gülen had kept with him for years. According to the user’s claim, Cevdet, who was next to Gülen, committed suicide by hanging himself in Türkyolu.

Is Cevdet Turkyolu dead?

Claiming that the traitor, terrorist Fethullah Gülen, who is the servant of the USA, was poisoned, Twitter user used the following expressions: “Intelligence, according to the news, the Turkish intelligence officer who infiltrated Cevdet Türkyolu poisoned Fetulah Gülen, then fled, when Cevdet Türkyolu saw the body. He goes to his house and hangs himself. In this situation, both Fetö priest and Cevdet Türkyolu are passengers to hell.”

Has Fethullah Gulen been poisoned?

On the other hand, Lawyer Burak Bekiroğlu shared on his social media account, “CHAOS IN PENSILVANY! The news came from US citizens that there were crowds around Cevdet Türkyolu’s house at 7:30 pm. The subject was also discussed at 11:25 PM and 11:42 PM in the evening. Messages from reliable sources suggest that Gülen was poisoned.” used the phrases.