Has Donald Trump visited the Hoy Program forum?


This morning the audience of the Hoy Program got a big surprise with one of the guests. Did Donald Trump go to the Televisa facilities?

This morning, the viewers and followers of Televisa’s Hoy Program were surprised by one of the guests, the comedian Herson Andrade, known for his great imitation of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Let us remember that the Hoy Program has become one of the most successful productions and with the largest audience of Televisa, which is why we have seen a large number of Mexican celebrities transit.


And this time the morning of Televisa had as its main guest Herson Andrade, known for his role as Donald Trump in the famous play “El Privilegio de Mandar”, which comically portrays some of the most important political issues of the actuality.

Did Donald Trump visit the Today Program forum?

Although the real Donald Trump may never visit the facilities of the Mexican television, Herson achieved a spectacular characterization of the famous president, so we could get an idea of how this situation would occur.


And one of his most outstanding participations was in the famous “Salt with eggs” section, where the drivers had to carry out an activity of the “Minute to win VIP” program, and where the Trump impersonator teamed up with the beautiful Maribel Guardia.

Televisa’s special guest!

Very much in the style of the United States president, Herson Andrade not only cheered on Maribel Guardia, but also demonstrated his great skill for this dynamic; which has managed to enchant the entire audience of the morning of Televisa.

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It is worth mentioning that the followers of the Hoy Program have also revealed their opinions about this last guest of the television station, which seems to have conquered with his presence and characterization of Donald Trump.



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