Harvey Weinstein’s Sentencing in The Rape Case Has Been Postponed


Content Warning: This article discusses rape and sexual harassment.

Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing in his recent rape case will be postponed until February.

A Los Angeles jury found the disgraced Hollywood mogul guilty on three counts of rape and sexual assault against one woman last month, but still disagree on charges involving three other accusers.

The verdict came after more than nine days of deliberation during the month-long Weinstein trial, which detailed numerous allegations of sexual harassment against the disgraced producer in the state of California. The jury found Weinstein guilty of raping and sexually assaulting one woman, a European model and actor, who was anonymously called “Jane Doe 1.”

Weinstein faces up to 24 years in prison on charges of rape and sexual harassment. This sentence is in addition to the 23-year sentence that Weinstein is already serving for similar crimes in New York after the producer’s conviction for rape in that state in 2020. Although a jury in New York found Weinstein guilty of third-degree rape, they also acquitted him. he is facing additional charges related to predatory sexual abuse.

After defense lawyers called for a new trial, sentencing was postponed until February, and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench said yesterday (January 9) that she expects sentencing on February 23 if there is no motion for a new trial. successfully.

The charges relating to “Jane Doe 1” relate to an attack on a woman in 2013 in a hotel room in Beverly Hills. According to CNN, Jane Doe 1 said in a statement through her lawyer that Weinstein “destroyed a part of me forever that night in 2013.” She continued, “I knew I had to see it through, and I did it.”… I hope that Harvey Weinstein will never see a prison cell outside of his life.”

Meanwhile, Weinstein’s representative Judah Engelmeier said in a statement that the disgraced producer is “obviously disappointed” by the verdict, but there remains “a good basis for appeal based on the time and place of the alleged events.” Engelmeier continued, “[Weinstein] is grateful to the jury for taking the time to discuss the other counts, and he is willing to continue to fight for his innocence.”

To get help, advice or more information about sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the USA, visit RAINN.


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