Harvestella Final Fantasy Inspiration Could Revolutionize Farming Sims


Square Enix is trying its hand at agricultural simulators with Harvestella, which is scheduled for release on November 4, 2022, and inspired by Final Fantasy can distinguish it from competitors. So far Harvestella has demonstrated some unique elements, including even more RPG features. It looks like his story will also be more complicated and harder than the usual sim story, including Quietus, which is the season of death.

Although it is a farm simulator, Harvestella is also a mix of several other genres such as adventure, role-playing game and fighting game. It seems that he drew inspiration from the style of the Final Fantasy franchise in terms of combat and aesthetics, but Harvestella also has elements reminiscent of Rune Factory 5, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.

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The new screenshots show Harvestella’s farm and decor, showing more of the inspiration it draws from other games. Square Enix invests a lot in Harvestella and incorporates its own iconic style into the graphics and plot through the threat of Quietus, the season of death during which the game will begin. The combination of agriculture, interaction with villagers, research and detection of threats to the livelihood of the village sets Harvestella apart from other simulation games, adding more depth and gameplay options.

Harvestella Looks like Harvest Moon meets Final Fantasy

It is typical for farming and life simulators to have a plot revolving around the restoration of the city in which the game takes place. As for Stardew Valley, this happens in the form of adding packages to the Community Center to fix its dilapidated state. Despite Harvestella’s similarities to ACNH and Rune Factory 5, her connection to Final Fantasy may be what really sets her apart. Square Enix is talented at creating complex stories in its games, which is what most simulation games lack. Even the player’s relationship with the villagers will be different because they can get combat help from NPCs in Harvestell.

Even with limited information, it looks like Harvestella could provide a significant leap in the farm simulator genre. The inclusion of more action elements and role-playing games reminiscent of Final Fantasy can attract an audience that is not inclined to play simulators, and at the same time provide familiar simulation players with a comprehensive experience of role-playing games. The biggest question at the moment is whether a marriage similar to the Rune Factory 5 system will be included, but in any case, Square Enix has a chance to revolutionize farming simulators by creating Harvestella inspired by Final Fantasy.


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