Harvard Researchers: Social Distance Measures Can Stay in Effect until 2022


Social distance measures to combat coronavirus should not be mitigated very soon, according to scientists. According to experts, social distance rules should continue to be applied wholly or partially until 2022.

Within the scope of combating coronavirus, social distance is tried to be applied worldwide. In this process, people are asked not to go out unless they have to, and when they go out, they are asked to take precautions and avoid contact with other people. People who are wondering when this process will end cannot get a clear answer on the subject.

It is not known whether the rate of coronavirus epidemic slows down in the summer, but the social distance may take longer than expected, according to scientists at Harvard who are researching infectious diseases. In the article in the journal Science; Covid-19 was compared to the previous two types of coronavirus outbreaks. As a result of this comparison, it was determined that the new type of coronavirus could turn into a “recurrent winter outbreak”. Although the second waves are less intense than the first waves, they can still cause major troubles around the world.

Early removal of the social distance could give a new leap to the coronavirus
Some of the countries that have been struggling against coronavirus for months seem to have slowly brought the virus under control. Life started to normalize especially in China, the place of the epidemic, but the practice of easing the new rules of China causes warnings of experts. If these social distance rules are applied before the threat disappears, a new fluctuation may begin in coronavirus cases in countries. Long-term or intermittent social distance rules may be required by 2022

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According to experts, it will not be the right decision to free the social distance without completely getting rid of the coronavirus. Instead, social distance processes should be applied in long-term or intermittent periods until 2022. In addition, tests should be continued in individuals who show signs of the possibility of the virus turning into an epidemic again.

Wondering what Covid-19 will do in the summer
Although it is not known exactly how the coronavirus pandemic will progress in the coming period, it is thought that the summer months will be of great importance. Experts expecting a decrease in the speed of spreading of the virus in the summer, expect a new surge in the winter after this decline.


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