Haruma Miura, famous Japanese actor from Attack on Titan, dies


He was very popular thanks to his talent, the actor left an unfinished project. Japanese actor Haruma Miura dies at 30 years old , he was known for his role in the live action “Attack on Titan.

Born in 1990, the young man was one of the most popular celebs in Japan, he even met K-pop idols like EXO’s Chanyeol and declared himself a fan of BTS. Unfortunately, he decided to attempt his life, we tell you the details.

According to the Yahoo portal and NTV News24, Haruma Miura had a business meeting on July 18; however, he did not show up for work, so an attempt was made to locate his immediately, a witness appeared at his home in the Minato district of Tokyo.

Miura was found dead in one of the rooms , apparently hanged himself, but the authorities are going to confirm the cause of his death. The first theory is that he attempted against his life, rumors circulated on social networks that he made this decision due to the hate comments he received.

Despite Haruma being taken to the hospital, he was pronounced dead. There is still no information about his funeral. The Japanese actor was also known for being a singer, among his known roles in dramas are “Two weeks”, “The last Cinderella” , “Never let me go”, “Bloody Monday 2” and the most recent was “Taiyou no ko” .

In the cinema, he was highlighted in the live action of “Attack on Titan”, based on the anime of the same name. Also in Tokyo Koen, Gintama 2, Boku no ita Jikann, among others.

On social networks, fans have published farewell messages and have expressed their condolences for the death of Haruma Miura, as he was considered someone talented and young. Some lamented the way he passed away, but promised to always remember him with a smile.


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