Harry Styles will read you a bedtime story every night in Calm


Singing seeks to combat anxiety and stress through a night story. Harry Styles tells you a story before going to sleep and invites his fans to a night universe.

Although the Briton postponed half of his Love on Tour tour due to the coronavirus, he continues to carry out several musical projects, previously revealed the video for “Watermelon Sugar” and now collaborated with Calm , a project that disseminates mental and emotional health through from rest, we tell you the details.

Through the app called “Calm”, Harry Styles revealed his new release “Dream With Me”, a kind of lullaby-style podcast (lullaby), in which the singer tells a story accompanied by instrumental music to induce to his fans in a state of calm and tranquility.

According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter, Harry joined this project as a way to recover from the stress and crisis that has been experienced due to the pandemic; In addition, the British said that good sleep and meditation are essential in his daily routine to maintain his mental and physical health.


The audio lasts around 40 minutes, between music, magic and narrations of a night landscape, Harry whispers phrases about the moon, sunflowers, love and more. He was chosen because his gentle voice has the perfect tone that fits into this relaxation exercise.

On social networks, he was placed in #DreamWithHarry trends , although to the euphoria of the fans and the popularity of the singer, the Calm app and portal did not work after releasing the audio.

Fans shared their favorite parts of the story, praising the voice of Styles, who not only manages to conquer them through his lyrics and songs, but also with this story that they assure they will hear every night.

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This work adds to the singer’s message about common well-being, his motto “Treat people with kindness” is a way to promote an environment free of violence or discrimination.

The singer is currently in London after spending several weeks in Los Angeles, on his first public walk new tattoos were revealed that his fans had not been able to know before. Currently, he is expected to start his tour in Latin America in October, but there is a possibility that he will resume his agenda until 2021.


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