Two weeks after Harry Styles released his new album “Fine Line”, theories about his next promotional single have been firing on social networks and it seems that the singer is playing with his fans’ record.

The name “Eroda”, a mysterious island and a tourist destination that the Harries have linked to “Adore you”, one of the British songs, has been circulating for a few days. Here we tell you all the clues and the theory around this place.

It all started with a commercial about “Visiting Eroda” and someone realized that there is even a page about this place, but in reality that island does not exist. WTF ?? Fans began to speculate when they discovered that “Eroda” is “Adore” and they believe it will be their new music video and this is just a promotional strategy.

Days after the rumors began, fans have shared photos of brochures, adds on YouTube and photos that leaked from Harry recording something. Even in the pre-listening that the singer of “Fine Line” has done, he pretended not to know anything when asked about this island.

The Harries no longer know what to believe, as a video of an advertisement was recently leaked in a cinema in Scotland that shows a teaser of Harry on a mysterious island and in the background a song that could be “Adore You” is heard. Fans need answers from Harry Styles, because they don’t know if it’s real or it’s another project.


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