Harry Styles, the singer’s best hair styles


Harry Styles, the best hair styles with which he has surprised a singer during his career. The Brit is a figure in fashion, a rock star, and one of the most popular youth artists in music. His unique style has characterized him as a lover of vintage and luxury outfits from brands like Gucci. Throughout his career, Harry Styles has had different styles that his fans have fallen in love with.

He has been known for his cute curls ever since he appeared on The X Factor, where his dream as a singer began after debuting with One Direction. Throughout his ages he has displayed different looks, from a sloppy teenage image, caps, bandanas, long hair like that of a prince to a rock star today.

Although many miss his long hair, Harry Styles prefers a cut that sometimes reveals his curls, although he has also changed it for his facet as an actor in films like “Dunquerke” or “Don’t worry Darling”, although he does not plays a lot with his hair, the British has shown different looks. You can learn more about Harry Styles’ career with the best lines from “Fine Line”, his second solo album.

Prince harry

It was one of the favorite styles of the fans, the singer began to show longer hair than in his early days, he also began to wear more shirts and jackets, looking like he was a prince.

“Alex” Dunquerke

Harry Styles made his film debut with the war film “Dunquerke”, in which he played the British soldier “Alex”, so he had to say goodbye to his hair and have a cut similar to that of the time. singer stood out more with this hair style.

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Another favorite style was when he used bandanas, his hair was not that long yet, but the curls that characterize it were hidden under bandanas of different styles and fabrics that he used during One Direction concerts, it was his most youthful and fun time.

Long Hair

It is one of his looks par excellence, the long hair of Harry Styles fell in love with all his fans, it is the style they miss the most but have never been able to see again, because when it is slightly long, he cuts it again.

Met Gala

One of the most recent eras of Harry Styles was during the Met Gala, the singer showed that there is no gender for fashion and surprised his fans with outfits never seen before, especially with his hair combed in a great pompadour.


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