Harry Styles has his own scented candles


Now you can learn one of the British’s secrets: its aroma.

Harry Styles , who released his second solo album “Fina Line” on December 15, had to cancel much of his tour due to the pandemic, has also been in social isolation ever since.

The singer has gained great popularity with his solo career, he even has his own line of merchandise including sweatshirts, vinyls, t-shirts, although there are also unofficial candles that smell of him. We tell you what it is about.

According to the TMZ portal , the famous online store Target was inspired by the British and decided to make scented candles that managed to capture Harry’s scent . Apparently, they investigated the perfume used by the singer of the brand Tom Ford.

The product was available for more than $ 6, but sold out when the Harries discovered that the Cashmere Vanilla candle had a scent similar to its favorite fragrance. The original colony costs more than 4 thousand pesos.

According to reports, Target plans to launch more products for sale. Without a doubt, it is a merchandise that would work for other artists if they want to share the brand and perfume aroma that they usually use always, although not all fans are curious to know how their artists smell , do they?

The favorite scent of Harry’s Tobacco Vanille, a smell that is perfectly, because the brand designer was inspired by the English clubs and their love for Britain, capturing the essence of vanilla, wood, dried fruit and coconut.

Harry Styles has remained in social isolation in the city of Los Angeles, because just before he could return to London, the pandemic caused international flights to be canceled, since then, he has dedicated himself to learning Italian, raising funds to combat the coronavirus and live with your friends.


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