Harry Styles reveals the premiere date of Golden


Harry Styles is ready for the premiere of “Golden”, the British revealed the teaser and release date of his new single.

The London singer continues to promote his second solo album “Fine Line”, which was released last December, since then, Harry Styles has released various music videos such as “Watermelon Sugar”, “Adore You”, “Falling ”And“ Lights Up ”, his new song is titled“ Golden ”and the Brit will run in search of the sunset.

Through his official social networks, Harry Styles revealed the teaser for “Golden”, his new MV, which was recorded in Italy three months ago, in the area known as the Amalfi Coast, the ideal place to admire the sunset and which fits perfectly with their new single, scheduled to be released this October 26.

The preview only lasts 15 seconds, but it was enough to cause the euphoria of the Harries, who positioned the hashtag #GoldenIsComing in trend, the singer also debuted new custom emojis for the launch, which consist of a golden sun that appears with the words : Harry Styles, Golden, YouAreSoGolden and WeAreGolden.


The teaser for “Golden” already has half a million views on YouTube shortly after being released, some fans believe that it will be the continuation of “Adore You”, their second video, since a treasure tracker appeared in the scenes, Furthermore, Harry Styles’ character, “Edward”, started a boat trip that could culminate in the Italian coast.

In the preview, Harry Styles appears in the middle of a dark tunnel walking at a slow pace, when he suddenly sees something in the distance and starts running to meet it. The lyrics of “Golden” talk about being fascinated by someone, finding the brightness of life in yourself or in another person, knowing that broken hearts break, but something inside us will always shine.

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This will be the fifth single from “Fine Line”, Harry Styles had to completely postpone his Love on Tour due to the pandemic, in addition to recording different music videos, he also resumed his acting career and is in the middle of the recordings of the movie “Don’t Worry Darling”, where he plays the main character “Jack”.

Harry Styles has also shown his talent in various musical genres and has done several covers throughout his career.


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