Harry Styles: return to his solo career after the One Direction


After years spent with the other members of the One Direction group, Harry Styles started solo. Today an emblematic figure of pop on the music scene, the singer is a hit. Back on his career.

If there is one boyband that marked the music scene from 2010, it is the One Direction. Composed of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, the group has thrilled the hearts of millions of fans around the world thanks to flagship titles such as “What Make You Beautiful”, “Story of My Life “or” Best Song Ever “.

Only here, after years of success, the five singers decided to take a break. And the departure of Zayn Malik in 2015 did not help matters … A few months later, Harry Styles also decided to launch his solo career.

Harry Styles: a first album in 2017
Unveiled in May 2017, the first eponymous album by Harry Styles has received encouraging reviews. For a first solo opus, the British singer quickly reached the top of the charts. Carried by the first single from the album, entitled “Sign of the Times”, Harry Styles has gradually established itself in the spotlight.

Described as “a tribute to British rock from the 1970s”, the album consists of ten songs including “Two Ghosts”, “Carolina”, “Kiwi” and “From the Dining Table”. In the first week of its release, the album sold more than 230,000 copies. A shocking arrival which allowed him to directly reach the first place of the Billboard 200.

“Fine Line”: a second opus at the top
After this successful first album, Harry Styles continued to develop a second album. The latter was unveiled by the artist in December 2019, three years after the singer’s first solo musical project. Once again, the handsome kid managed to upset the hearts of his fans by evoking strong and universal themes such as love, sadness and carnal pleasures after his break from his ex-partner Camille Rowe: “C ‘ is all about making love and feeling sad, “he said in the columns of Rolling Stone magazine.

The album is thus marked by flagship titles such as “Adore You”, “Lights Up”, “Watermelon Sugar” or “To Be So Lonely”. In the first week, it ranked number 1 on the Billboard 200 with more than 478,000 sales including 390,000 physical sales.

A crazy success which obviously pushed Harry Styles to work on a third album … According to a close collaborator, Kid Harpoon, the singer took advantage of the confinement due to the health crisis to compose: “He is still writing “He explained to Music Week. He sends me ideas on the piano all the time and I send him ideas. Harry is very creative, he is a hard worker.”

Harry Styles: his vocal evolution
Over the years, Harry Styles has found his way, far from the other members of One Direction. He also surrounded himself with voice coaches to improve his technique. Since 2016, the singer has collaborated with Ron Anderson, a renowned professor. And obviously the artist’s efforts ended up paying off since Harry Styles fans regularly greet the singer’s live performances, like that of the BRIT Awards 2020 where he had interpreted “Falling” with flying colors.

A singer’s fan account even demonstrated the artist’s impressive vocal evolution. After listening to the albums and performances of Harry Styles, the user confirmed that he had gained at least an octave over time and work.

The interpreter of “Golden” thus “considerably improved his technique”, one can read. After years of class, Harry Styles was able to erase a few shortcomings: “He used to struggle with tension and breathing control, two problems he has now solved.”


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