Harry Styles responsible for Olivia Wilde’s divorce?


Is Harry Styles the reason Olivia Wilde divorced her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis? Here’s what the rumor really is.

Surprise! Harry Styles is dating Olivia Wilde. Yes, the English singer is no longer a heart to take and spins a perfect happiness with his darling. Only problem? Rumors suggest that the beautiful British would have caused the divorce of the actress with her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis who would be, according to several sources, particularly devastated by this new idyll. If one thought that the ex-married couple broke up in early 2020, it would appear that their split took place in November, when the former member of One Direction and the star of Dr House would have potentially started to get closer.

So that’s the question everyone is asking lately, did Harry Styles really play a key role in the divorce of his girlfriend Olivia Wilde and ex Jason Sudeikis? If we are to believe a source at Entertainment Tonight, the answer is no: “Even though Jason is shocked and saddened by Olivia’s new romance with Harry, the musician is not the reason for their separation. . ” That should put an end to the gossip. While waiting for a possible confirmation of their romance, know that an old video in which Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson seem to be in a relationship has resurfaced on the Web.


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