Harry Styles receives criticism for wearing dress for Vogue


Harry Styles is criticized by Candance Owens, an American vlogger who considered that wearing a dress makes him less masculine.

The singer made a historic photo session for the fashion magazine Vogue, being the first man in the publication to get a solo cover and in which he modeled various outfits that reveal his style to dress; However, a Donald Trump supporter sent a harsh message against the Briton.

Harry Styles became a trend a couple of days ago thanks to his cover in Vogue, the “Fine Line” star modeled in various tailored suits, with the help of his personal stylist Harry Lambert and with the support of his friend Alessandro Michelle, Gucci Creative Director. Despite the fact that the Briton has made his sense of fashion clear, the malicious comments did not wait.

Through his official Twitter account, Candance Owens shared a criticism of Harry Styles, as he believes that society needs strong men. The responses were swift, sparking controversy among the vlogger, fans and users of the social network, although it is not the first time that she has made comments of this kind, in the past critical the movement “Black Lives Matters” and accused the participants to victimize.


Candance Owens responded to the Vogue publication about the singer’s cover, explained that society is feminizing men and wearing a dress reduced Harry Styles’ masculinity, also added that these trends were related to Marxism, a political idea with the that you disagree.

In addition to the fans, several verified users and accounts responded to the strong message, arguing that the clothing does not define a person, even compared to a photo of him where he wears a suit that could be considered designated only for men. Olivia Wilde, director of “Don’t Worry Darling,” to star Harry Styles, also came to her defense, calling her pathetic.

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The Briton has reiterated on a couple of occasions that he does not draw limits when it comes to dressing, he does not stop to qualify if something is for women or men when he goes to the stores, even if they tell him that “this shirt is for girls”. It will make your eyesight less, as his self-confidence and love of fashion have made him comfortable to play, experiment and feel like a superhero with every outfit.


In the interview for Vogue, Harry Styles revealed the secret behind his love of fashion and what clothes mean to him, regardless of gender.


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