Harry Styles raises funds to fight coronavirus


The singer will raise funds to fight the disease.

The coronavirus crisis continues and several celebs have been kept in social isolation to raise awareness among their fans and respect the quarantine.

There are also celebs who have made some donations to buy medical supplies and have the resources to fight the pandemic, as some experts are developing a vaccine as soon as possible. Harry Styles is one of the artists who has implemented a way to help.

Through his Instagram account, the singer published the photos of a special shirt that will be for sale on his official site , the design has the caption “Stay home, stay safe, take care of the other”. On the back it has its famous motto: “Treat People With Kindness”.

The garments will cost $ 26, the delivery will not be made yet, because due to the crisis, parcel services, as well as different jobs are on hiatus, but the purpose of the sale is to raise money for the foundation of the Organization World Health.

The total profits will be donated by the singer, in addition, he has repeated in some interviews that people should stay home and he hopes that once the crisis is over, people show a more humble side and see things differently.


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