Harry Styles had no idea Zayn Malik didn’t like being part of One Direction


Although it has been four years since One Direction announced its hiatus, this is still a subject that many fans have not overcome. Every now and then the members talk about it, except Harry Styles, which never goes long when the conversation is over. However, in a recent interview, the singer not only talked about it, but also commented on the departure of Zayn Malik.

One Direction fans were very shocked when the boyband announced it would go on indefinitely. However, nothing was worse than Zayn Malik warning that he would leave the group. At the time, the subject was among the most talked about social networks and many people “freaked out” with the news. Four years later, Harry Styles, who is always discreet about this, decided to talk about the departure of his former bandmate. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio, Styles said he was very surprised by Malik’s decision as he believed everything was fine.

“We were sad, obviously, that someone had left, but also sad that he was not enjoying it so much that he had to leave. At the time, the tour and everything was going so well. Everyone was living in a way that, I think, it was very good. It seemed like everyone was enjoying it. I would say a big part of that [Zayn exit] was us reacting like ‘wow’. You didn’t realize he wasn’t enjoying it, “said the Briton.

At the time, Zayn even commented that he doesn’t identify much with the band’s sound. In addition, the singer even stated in other interviews that it was not much to talk with the single owner “Lights Up”, nor at the time of One Direction. It is noteworthy that recently during his participation on “Saturday Nigth Live”, Harry Styles mentioned the names of all members of 1D and pretended to forget about Zayn.


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