Harry Styles Makes History And Reaches Impressive Record On Spotify


Former One Direction fans flooded social media to congratulate him

During the last few days, the fans of the “Watermelon Sugar” singer have campaigned to reproduce his songs on Spotify and for Harry Styles to become the first male artist, solo, that all his songs on the platform have managed to add at least 100 million streams.

The moment they achieved their goal, the phrase “Proud of Harry” became a trend by all the fans who celebrated the singer’s historic record.

According to information from Spotify, Harry Styles has 32 million 916 thousand 894 listeners per month. This means that for his 23 songs to reach 100 million views, at least more than eight thousand people listened to his singles every 24 hours until they reached the goal.

So far, Harry Styles’ song with the most views is “Watermelon Sugar,” which has a total of 1.4 billion views. This is followed by “Adore You” with 900 million streams, the same as “Sing Of The Times”, his first song as a solo artist.



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