Harry Styles Looks Unrecognizable With His New Look


The British decided to try a new image during his holidays. Harry Styles reveals his new look with a mustache and eighties style.

The Brit is characterized by his musical style inspired by classic rock, he is also a fan and a great friend of Stevie Nicks, a star of the genre since the 1970s. In addition, he is an ambassador for the Gucci brand, so it seems that he decided to try a vintage style during his free time.

Through social networks, photos of Harry Styles were shared this weekend in Italy, apparently, the singer decided to make a small trip after staying in isolation for almost 2 months in Los Angeles, as he had been stranded during the quarantine .

A couple of weeks ago, the British returned to his native London, wearing a beard and comfortable clothing, since his agenta is inactive since he had to cancel his Love On Tour due to the pandemic and until 2021 he will resume activities. His change of look took fans by surprise, as Harry decided to shave and leave his mustache.

In the photos circulating, the singer is seen wearing flared pants, retro glasses, a Gucci t-shirt and his elegant mustache, the vivid image of someone from the 80s and a rock lover. Harry was also seen a couple of days ago in France, before moving to a famous restaurant in Italy.

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The Harries positioned the word “mustache” and Italy on trend after the appearance of the Briton, who is usually very reserved with his personal life and may appear from one day to the next in another country or continent unexpectedly.

Rumors also circulated that his trip may be due to a new Gucci campaign, a brand of which he is an ambassador. So far, the singer has no project on the horizon, although a week ago there was talk that he could make a documentary to show the entire recording process of “Fine Line”, his second solo album.

His fans also joked and compared Harry Styles and mustache to other characters.


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