Who is Harry Styles’ girlfriend? Her love record …


The Brit has been linked to several celebs, generating a false image of a conqueror that his fans hate.

Harry Styles rose to fame with One Direction and since then, due to fame, he has been romantically related to various girls

The singer is known for being very reserved with his personal life, he is not even a fan of social networks unless it is to promote his musical releases, he is a fan of fashion, vintage style and classic rock, but what about of your love life? We explain and deny his love history.

Without a doubt, the British is known for his great charisma and personality, who knows him always ensures that he is someone very humble and kind, perhaps it is what causes the media to speculate a lot about the girls around him.

One Direction / The X Factor

One of the first relationships that the media imposed on his status as a heartbreaker was that of Caroline Flack, a renowned TV presenter who allegedly had an affair with the singer, despite the fact that he was 17 years old. She even revealed in a biographical book the criticism she received for relating to a boy her age.

Nadine Leopold

She was a model with whom he was seen on some occasions, but apparently it was all about a simple friendship.

Solo career

Since her career began, she has been accused by the media of having an inclination towards models.

Georgia Flower

She was one of the first models with whom she was related, even it was said that “Kiwi” was a song dedicated to her, although the two only maintained a friendship, even sharing scrabble games together.

Sara Sampaio

She was another model with whom he was also related, although it was only a friendship relationship, since the photos that circulated about them showed them affective in public, despite the fact that he is very reserved with his life.

Tess Ward

She is a model and food vloger who apparently had a fleeting relationship with the singer, it was never confirmed and apparently they were just friends, only one photo is circulating in the middle of a walk in London

Celebs who have been linked

Taylor Swift

The group was beginning to enter the peak of their career, so their romance with Taylor Swift caught their attention, both were caught together on a date in the park, in addition to spending the new year together and kissed In New York’s countdown, although things never worked out between them, even fans believe Taylor dedicated one song to the other.

Kendall Jenner


The Kardashian clan model was seen with Harry during a New Year’s trip aboard a cruise ship with the singer’s family, both of whom looked very affectionate, but never confirmed their relationship. However, since then they have maintained a great friendship, since things between them were on good terms.

Jennie from BLACKPINK

The singer seems to be a fan of K-pop or at least it seemed when he attended a group concert in Los Angeles, in addition, he followed Jennie on Instagram and has liked a couple of photos of the singer, but their relationship only It is that of any fan, because they do not know or maintain any friendship.

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Kiko Mizuhura


It is known by fans of Harry Styles that the singer traveled to Japan at the end of 2018, spending a couple of months in that country, so the media began to speculate with an affair with the model Kiko, both followed on social networks. and for their stay they assumed that it was there that they met, but nothing was ever confirmed.


A mysterious girl to whom I supposedly dedicate a song with the same name, which portrays someone who knows one night but is deeply shocked.

Broken heart

Camille Rowe

Finally, it could be said that her only confirmed relationship, Camille, the French model she met by her friend Alexa Chung. The Brit dated exactly one year with her, although it is said that it was almost 2 years. They were rarely seen in public, speculating that they may have ended due to lack of time between them.

Apparently, he was someone important to him and it impacted him a lot, because on his new album Fine Line he apparently dedicated “Cherry” to him, a song that included an audio of the model and that talks about the sadness of seeing her with someone else, including hints at her new boyfriend. OOPS!


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