Harry Styles explains why he declined invitation to “The Little Mermaid”


Harry Styles declined invitation to “The Little Mermaid” over a new tour. The explanation everyone wanted as to why he will not be Prince Eric in the live action version of the Disney classic was given to Capital FM in an internet interview.

“I had a meeting with Rob Marshall the director, who is an amazing guy, he’s great, and it was just a few things and I didn’t want to… it will be a great movie,” he said, curling up before verbalizing the word on tour. “They record for a long time and I want to tour next year, potentially, maybe not, I haven’t announced anything yet,” he said.

About the album, no date or forecast. He is currently working on the track “Lights Up”. “This song speaks of freedom, self reflection, self discovery. Some things I’ve struggled a little over the last few years. I think she’s a summary of all this, ”he explained. Harry also said he was nervous about his participation on Saturday Night Live scheduled for November 16th and that will not reveal what “Watermelon Sugar” really means. The possible title of the singer’s new album has left fans in doubt recently. Is it just “a continuation” of “Kiwi” (2017) or a correlation of the name “watermelon sugar” with a type of heroin?


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