If we were to summarize the 2019 year of Harry Styles we could do it as enigmatic. Cryptic would also be worth seeing some of the latest publications on their social networks.

But if we have learned something is that these international stars do not give stitch without thread and that everything has a hidden meaning that must be found out. In this case, has Harry revealed the name of his new single?

“Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run” (Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run) the former One Direction member tweeted.

From the moment he hit the publish button, theories have exploded among his followers who obviously see a connection between Kiwi being the last single from his debut solo album and with which Watermelon Sugar can be the new preview of your expected album.

The first single from the second Harry Styles studio album premiered a few weeks ago. Lights up saw the light on his YouTube channel. A day before New York and London had dawned with a good handful of posters ahead of the premiere with the enigmatic question Do you know who you are? next to the acronym TPWK of Harry’s motto: “Treat People With Kindness”.

That was part of the lyrics of Lights up so Watermelon Sugar could obviously be the name of a song or maybe even on the album itself.

We will have to wait to confirm it. At this step we will become experts in hidden meanings and second intentions.

We may not have to wait too long since Harry Styles will be on November 16 on the Saturday Night Live program where artists usually give great exclusives to the American public.