Harry Styles denies offering money to homeless person to go to hotel room with him


Harry Styles had to go to court denying the statements made by Pablo Tarazaga Orero, a 26-year-old man who decided to live at the door of his house from April to July this year. When arrested, the stalker told authorities that the singer had offered him money to go to a hotel room to “have fun” with him. Harry, of course, denies the story.

According to The Telegraph, the court found that Pablo evidently lied in his statement. Harry Styles said he was sad when he saw Pablo sleeping in the cold at the bus stop outside his London home for the first time and actually stopped his car to offer money to the homeless man to look for a hotel and food. It was not to “have fun” with him. There was no sex involved in the offer of help.

Pablo, however, asked Harry to get him vegan food. The next day, the singer bought him food in a vegan cafe and Pablo surprised him by asking if Harry didn’t want to go to a restaurant to eat. “I found it a bit strange. His easy expression made me feel a little uncomfortable, ”admitted the artist. According to his statement, Pablo’s presence made him feel “scared”.

Found guilty in the persecution process, the homeless man said that was never his intention. “I just wanted the money he offered me. I have no feelings for him. I’m not in love with him, ”said Pablo. Your sentence will be set on October 21st.



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