Harry Styles dazzles with his look in the Gucci series


Harry Styles is one of the Gucci ambassadors most loved by the public and was part of the new mini series of the luxury brand.

Gucci was tasked with bringing together big stars who are known for their fashion sense and love of the brand. Harry Styles was one of them and his appearance in the series Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended captivated the internet.

This production is part of the Gucci Fest and featured the participation of celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Luhan, but now that the clip of Harry was revealed, the eyes did not leave the Adore You interpreter.


Harry Styles participated in episode number 3 that bears the name of At The Post Office and, as its name implies, the clip begins by showing us long lines of people who come to the post office wearing outfits of the brand.

After a few minutes on this stage, a call connects Harry Styles to the story, the singer answers his phone and has a conversation while wearing a sporty-style pink t-shirt with a Gucci print on the front.

Both characters talk about art and new conflict-free settings for the future until the call comes to an end.

Recently we also told you about some pieces of the jewelry collection that Harry Styles owns and that will surprise you with their value.

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