On December 13 Harry Styles will release Fine line, which will be his second solo album after his lucrative passage through One Direction. And as appropriate when there is a close release, the artist in question is in the promotion phase so that everyone knows what he has done. And that includes a lot of interviews in which he talks about these new songs and past times.

We have stopped at what he did with Zane Lowe in which he confessed that this new album is created under experimentation with various substances. The singer was open to try new things and that includes hallucinogenic mushrooms, among other things. All with the intention of taking your creativity to new fields.

“Making this album was like… I don’t know, I enjoyed it more. I was with my friends in Malibu, I felt so safe, it was like ‘Do I want to drink some mushrooms? I’m going to do it, now is the right time to have fun. ‘ We were in Malibu, I’m 24 and I’m a musician, so… Yes, there are a lot of those mushrooms in this album, ”he acknowledged.

This confession has made many people wonder if the One Direction albums were also made in the same circumstances. And for that he has also given an explanation. “When I was in the group, I felt that it was part of a phenomenon much more important than ourselves. I didn’t want to be the one who screwed up everything, the one that spoiled it because of the odd scandal. We were role models for our fan base, so I preferred not to do any of that to not put anyone in danger, “he admitted.

It is clear that he lived that stage with a responsibility from which he has now been released. It allows more licenses and has no qualms to confess. “Now I am in a different situation and I am at a time in my life where I can afford to go out there and experiment, do this and that, as many other people do with their friends,” he explains.

And it is clear that it is. Now it remains to be seen if that experimentation has any reflection in the new songs. At the moment, it seems that the first ones he has presented have liked both audiences and critics.


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