Harry Styles confesses which actress was his crush


Singer Harry Styles confessed who his platonic love was when he was a teenager, as he confessed that he was a lover of his curves.

We have all had a platonic love, even artists of international stature are not spared from some guajiro dream that they had between adolescence. This is what has happened to Harry Styles, the former One Direction singer who attended the Ellen DeGeneres program to promote that the boy band has turned 10 and that they have new exclusive material for their followers, however, the 26-year-old singer years he spoke more than expected.

Since within the show the presenter has a section called Burning Questions. That is, “Hot Questions”. And it was in this segment that the musician from England had to let her hair down, never better, because she had to answer precisely who her crush was when she was younger and she had to reveal it.

Harry Styles and his secret

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The author of successes such as Sign of the Times, Adore you or Sweet Creature did not hesitate to clarify which actress was his secret object of desire was Jennifer Aniston. The Friends actress, curiously, is hardly twice her age, since she turned 51 years old in February, however she was the one who caused butterflies when the singer was just studying high school.

Also, Henry Styles told what are the attributes that attract him the most in a woman and which he first looks at when he meets someone. Admittedly, he didn’t get too wet either, as he stated that the eyes are the most attractive to him, followed by the smile and then the personality.

The most curious thing is that shortly after that it was Jennifer Aniston herself who, given the direct allusion, played a bit and published a short story on her Instagram in which you can see a cat while the background sounds Watermelon Sugar, the biggest hit from Styles’ second album, Fine Line.

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