Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde unleash romance rumors


Olivia and Harry showed that their relationship grew stronger since Don’t Worry, Darling, is it about love or friendship?

Fans of the Adore You interpreter were surprised to see that this boy and Olivia Wilde shared a date where the photos prove their connection.

With the success of Harry Styles in the music, fashion and acting industry, it is not a surprise that the singer’s footsteps are followed at every moment, however the year began with news for the life of this boy, since could have started a love affair with another member of the production of his latest film.

Rumors sparked after Olivia Wilde , the director in charge of Don’t Worry, Darling became Harry’s date for Jeff Azoff and Glenne Christiaansen’s wedding, where the two were caught holding hands.

The images captured outside the ceremony show Harry Styles wearing a black suit and Olivia Wilde in a colorful dress with a flower design, as if that were not enough, the couple was captured the next day in California while getting out of a truck.


The 36-year-old director met Harry through her work on Don’t Worry, Darling, a thriller that tells the story of a married couple living in the California desert, where a woman who begins to experience inexplicable events and you will doubt your mental stability. The British singer landed the lead role for the film and they have been on the recording set ever since.

Due to the personality of Harry Styles , some think that it could simply be a friendship, none of them have given statements about it, so it is still difficult to confirm the type of bond that unites this couple.

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