Harry Potter: saga-colored buses transport the nursing staff!


Great news for the people of England. The City of London has decided to provide caregivers with full buses in the Harry Potter colors.

A great initiative. In this period of confinement, caregivers need more than ever to access their workplace without too much difficulty.

Faced with the saturation of the rail network and the decrease in transport in big cities, the English transport company, Golden Tours and the Warners Bros studios have decided to help the carers.

While the Harry Potter studios are therefore closed to the public until further notice, the city of London has decided to sell a little magic to the nursing staff. For this, hundreds of double-decker buses will allow the nursing staff to go to their workplace.

The buses will serve as a free shuttle bus for the nursing staff and will serve three sites in the county of Hertfordshire every day from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Of course, safety distances will be applied in the buses in order to limit physical contact.

“Our forces in the presence have been reduced because of the sick and the isolation, so it is very important that the healthy staff, but who have transportation problems, can come back to work,” said Paul da Gama, in charge of human resources for the West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust.

On Twitter, J.K. Rowling, who founded the Harry Potter novels, praised the decision made by the City of London. She shared the BBC article which tells the good news.

And she is not the only one to rejoice at this good news! Harry Potter fans wanted to salute the city of London for this brilliant idea.

Caregivers, who give themselves every day to save lives, will have the opportunity to go to work by magic shuttle. This is, moreover, the expected effect. Paul da Gama added: “Our teams will be able to do magic in their own way”. This is what is said.

This Sunday, Usher, Lady Gaga, Camila Cabello and other artists will organize a big concert called Together At Home. The goal: raise funds to defeat the Covid-19.


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