Harry Potter: Katie Leung was told to deny racist attacks


Harry Potter is one of the biggest film franchises in recent years. And one of the saga’s actresses, Katie Leung, claims that she faced racist attacks during the release of the film.

Fan racism

During an interview for the Chinese Chippy Girl podcast, the actress recalls the harsh criticism she received when being cast to play Cho Chang, the protagonist’s romantic interest. At just 16, Leung says she was told by the advertising team to deny that she had received any kind of racist attack.

The actress says she was searching for her on Google when she found a site dedicated to Harry Potter and found several racist comments made by fans. She still remembers that she found a “hate site” totally dedicated to her.

Leung says that, at the time, the film’s advertising team advised her not to talk about the subject and that if interviewers asked, she was supposed to say that it was not true.

Even with this negative experience, the eternal Cho Chang said that she is very grateful to have participated in the franchise.

In addition to the Harry Potter films, Katie Leung has starred in the feature films, The Foreigner with Jackie Chan and Locked Down, with Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The actress can also be seen in the miniseries Run and The Nest, in addition to the stages of the theater.


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