Harry Potter: Emma Watson overwhelmed by the success of the saga, she makes revelations!


The Harry Potter saga has had an indisputable fame, Emma Watson knows it. She lived it and still lives it today. Known for her role as Hermione Granger, the actress is open-hearted about her celebrity. Sometimes difficult to live.

Harry Potter gave Emma Watson’s love life a hard time if you did not know it. But not only. Psychologically it was very hard for the young actress. The enormous success of the saga, and its dazzling celebrity, were complicated to live. She confides in British Vogue.

“I did a therapy and I felt guilty about it. I thought to myself why someone else could have benefited [from success] and wanted this more than I wanted. And I fought a lot with my guilt about it. I told myself that I should have benefited more; I should have been more excited but in reality, I had a hard time living all that, “confesses the former Harry Potter star to the magazine.

The relatives of Emma Watson were then a real support. Fortunately they were there for her. “Part of what helped me to find peace was that there were times when it was so intense. I was almost dizzy and disconnected. But peace was to remember my identity, “Harry Potter’s Hermione continues.

“I’m someone’s daughter, I’m my mother’s daughter. I am my father’s daughter, I am a sister. I belong to a family. I come from a place, I have roots. I have an existence and an identity that is really important and solid that has nothing to do with everything else “she finally confessed. So very touching statements …