Harry Potter: Emma Watson (Hermione) becomes a meme on Twitter!


Against her will, Emma Watson becomes the last few hours a meme on Twitter. An image that dates back to the time when she played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. Why a success so long after? 

Emma Watson must be surprised at the little tricks that Twitter plays him. While the Harry Potter films, in which she played Hermione Granger are long over, the twittos have decided to give him a second youth. An image appears reused in a loop. She has become a meme on the social network to the bird. A trend that seems so strange, several years at the end of the saga.

But why does this image of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter come out? This is because an anecdote of filming has resurfaced. Very close to her character in real life, Emma Watson seems very studious. In the background of one of the scenes, the young actress had to pretend to write. Faithful to her character, she really started to write some notes. An anecdote that surprised the twittos.

Internet users then made a small challenge concerning Harry Potter. Beside the photo, it was necessary to imagine the little drawing or the notes that Hermione Granger had made. Creative and inventive, Twitter quickly took to heart this little challenge. Many montages and other jokes appeared.

A challenge that shows all the creativity that the Twitter community has. But the little secret word has been revealed. My name is Emma Charlotte Watson. I’m ten years old and I play Hermione Granger. I love this pen (pen). Proffser McGonigal [sic] the cat is very beautiful. Is black and white. I would love to have a cat instead of a teacher “A really sweet anecdote.

So, convinced by this trend?


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