Harry Potter: Discover Everything About Voldemort’s Horcruxes


Harry Potter: Important artifacts from the Harry Potter saga, the Horcruxes hide mysteries about Voldemort. Objects created through dark magic are an important part of the narrative of the young wizard’s latest books.

On the other hand, the film series had little time to explore details about the Horcruxes. So, know the reasons that made the villain create these items!

What are Horcruxes?

Considered the most terrible of the dark spells, horcruxes are objects created by wizards to hide a fragment of the soul itself. With this artifact, any individual would be able to be immortal even after losing their physical body.

To create a horcrux, one must commit murder – a supreme act of evil capable of “fragmenting” a person’s soul. After the execution of the deadly spell, the wizard manages to keep part of himself in any object.

In general, horcruxes are protected by Counter-Spells and Curses. These are ways to prevent the item from being stolen, suffer irreparable damage, destroyed by Wildfire or Death Curse.

Why did Voldemort create the Horcruxes?

One of the greatest dark wizards, Voldemort had an obsession with immortality. When he was still young Tom Riddle, he studied theories about Horcruxes in forbidden books on Dark Spells.

Although Herpo the Dirty was the first wizard to create a horcrux, only the villain was able to create more than one artifact to host the soul. Thus, he had a better chance of maintaining immortality.

At first, Riddle created five horcruxes. Later, after becoming Voldemort, he created two more pieces – one of them accidentally.

Tom Riddle’s Diary

Riddle turned his own diary into a horcrux when he was just 16. This was the result of the first studies on the magic of darkness that could make him immortal.

In order to fragment the soul, the wizard ordered the Slytherin basilisk to kill the young Murta Warren. That was how the Ravenclaw student became the ghost of the Myrtle that groans.

The Ring of Marvolo Gaunt

Marvolo Gaunt’s ring is a maternal inheritance from Riddle, as his mother was a “pureblood” witch and a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Due to the connection with one of the founders of Hogwarts, the boy turned his grandfather’s accessory into a horcrux.

However, the young man murdered his own father to perform the magic. Tom Riddle Jr. was a muggle who was bewitched by the wizard’s mother – which made the future dark lord a mixed-blood wizard.

The Salazar Slytherin Medallion

After growing up lonely in an orphanage, Tom Riddle just felt happy when he started studying at Hogwarts. The school of magic became such a special place for the wizard that he decided to create horcruxes with items related to the founders.

After stealing the Hepzibah Smith collector’s Salazar Slytherin Medallion, Riddle killed a Muggle woman to create the artifact. In addition, he forced a house elf to confess to the crime.

The Cup of Helga Hufflepuff

The second piece related to the founders of Hogwarts is the Cup of Helga Hufflepuff. Despite belonging to the Slytherin house, Riddle chose the rare object to keep a piece of himself.

The cup was in the collection of Hepzibah Smith, who was also a descendant of the school’s founder. Surprisingly, the wizard murdered the collector to produce the horcrux.

Rowena Ravenclaw’s Tiara

The legend of Rowena Ravenclaw said that jewelry made people wiser. Jealous of her mother’s power, daughter Helena stole the piece and hid it in the forests of Albania.

Delighted by the story, Riddle convinced Helena’s ghost to tell where the object was hidden. When he found the jewel, he killed an Albanian peasant to perform the magic of darkness.

Harry Potter himself

Harry Potter was a horcrux created accidentally by Voldemort. After murdering the young wizard’s mother, the dark lord’s soul was so unstable and fragmented that he took refuge in the boy – creating the connection between them.

The Nagini Snake

Voldemort was a Parselmouth, a person capable of speaking the language of snakes. Thus, he saw in the mysterious snake Nagini the last opportunity to remain immortal. This happened after the murder of the witch Bertha Jorkins, a member of the ministry of magic.

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