Harry Potter comes to HBO after being pulled from Netflix


HBO has confirmed that starting next Saturday, November 7, the complete Harry Potter film saga will be available within the catalog on its HBO Latin America and HBO GO services.

Llega mágicamente Harry Potter a HBO tras ser retirada de Netflix(INSTAGRAM)

We well know that the successful saga of the wizard, Harry Potter has gone through so many ups and downs through all streaming platforms, we can even assure that it has been in the catalog of all those that exist to this day.

Although, the platform that had each and every one of the films in the saga was rare, because although, at some point we tried to do a marathon, it could not be done within the same platform, since not all the films were found, only On special occasions, there were 8 movies available on certain and which platforms, but that problem was over.

HBO will be the new home of the Harry Potter films, as confirmed by the official Twitter account of the HBO Latin America company just a few hours after the great streaming company: Netflix, announced that the famous saga of wizards and witches and fantasy , would leave its catalog in the next few days.

It was through a small video with 57 seconds of duration, where HBO confirmed that starting next Saturday, November 7, the complete Harry Potter saga will be available on its services on HBO Latin America and HBO GO, with the following message, they expressed the excellent news for the admirers and fans of the magical entertainment saga.

“Welcome to Hogwarts! On November 7, represent your house, get your wand ready and get ready for an intensive magic class ”, in conjunction with the hashtags: #HBOLAT, #HBOGOLA and #HarryPotterenHBO.

As we mentioned before, yesterday morning, Netflix announced that the films based on the JK Rowling books will be definitively dismissed from the platform and warned the followers of the saga that this will be the last week it will be in the that you will be able to enjoy the available tapes.

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“This morning, Netflix announced that the films based on the books JK Rowling will say goodbye to the platform and warned fans of the saga that this week will be the last week in which the tapes can be enjoyed,” says the aforementioned Tweet from the most famous platform internationally.

Although, as expected by all the Potterheads, the announcement caused the annoyance of many of the users, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact, and even threatened to cancel their subscription to the streaming entertainment platform, just for download this content from its extensive catalog.

As we have mentioned before, there have been several occasions in which the films of the famous magician undergo some kind of change, in terms of the catalogs of the streaming platforms where they appear, well, although there was a moment in which You could find all the Harry Potter movies within Netflix, in the same way, on different occasions they lowered the odd title, without warning.

It should even be remembered that there was a time when we could only access two saga films, on Netflix, this made us think that perhaps the contracts that were established with the Warnes Bros. franchise had concluded, or some similar situation .

although, it should be remembered that at the beginning of 2020 Netflix Latin America surprised its users by adding to its catalog the tapes “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, “Harry Potter and the mystery of the prince” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 2 “, same that continue within the availability list, until next week.


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