Harry Potter: you can visit the amusement park from your sofa!


The Harry Potter amusement park has found a very good solution to keep fans of the saga dreaming from their sofa!

The covid 19 will have turned many things upside down this year. Events and also amusement parks have closed worldwide. This is also the case for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The latter then adapted.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a park that brings together millions of fans of the wizard. They are fortunate to be immersed in the universe through magical attractions. One of them is very popular.

This is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It’s the latter that appeals most to fans of the saga. Now they can be there. But not the way you think.

Indeed, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter park has found a very good solution for fans to continue having a magical experience without risking their lives because of the covid 19.

Harry Potter fans can now visit the attraction from their couch. Thanks to the UndercoverTourist.com site, everyone can discover the park without going there. If the experience is less fun, it is still appreciated.

A video on Youtube shows what visitors have the chance to discover on site. They have the chance to see the office of Dumbledore (Harry Potter), paintings that speak or even attend courses of defense against the forces of evil.

But that’s not all. To experience thrills from your sofa you can also do loops like Harry Potter on his broom. Or face a dragon thanks to virtual reality.

If the parks have closed, they have found the solution to keep their fans dreaming. It remains to be seen whether Disney will adopt the same virtual reality technique. Case to follow!