Harry Potter: 10 Weasley Wizard Items that are Really Useful


Fred and George are some of the smartest Harry Potter characters. So much so that they even opened a store where they sell their best inventions. Even though Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is mostly known for its joke merchandise, many people would be surprised to know that this store also sells a lot of useful goods.

Despite the fact that some of their most well—known products are the Skiving Snackbox, which contains several pills that will help students skip lessons, and U-No-Poo, a constipation-inducing lollipop named after You-Know-Who, some pens check the user’s spelling, practical cosmetic items and much more other.

Pens for spell checking

As the name suggests, these pens help the user to correct spelling mistakes. In a world without any technology, these feathers are especially useful. However, their disadvantage is that they start to fail when the magic stops, so anyone who buys it should be careful when replacing it, otherwise their homework will be full of mistakes.

Despite the fact that Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Items is not the only store offering this type of feathers, it’s safe to say that Weasleys is probably one of the best on the market. In addition, they are located in two of the most important places in the country: Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Eternal eyelashes

Only some people remember that Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes has a product line called WonderWitch, which includes various cosmetic products and other things useful for witches — and, possibly, for wizards. Despite the fact that there are not so many descriptions of this subject, it is probably eyelashes that last a very long time, and maybe even forever!

Everyone who likes to wear long eyelashes will agree that this product is absolutely useful. People who are interested in cosmetics and other cosmetics in the magical world, they no longer need to search, Weasley’s Wizard Wheels provides all the needs.

Paste for removing bruises

Fred and George try many of their products on themselves, which is why they get into many accidents. For this reason, they created a cream that magically removes bruises in about an hour. This thick and yellow cream once helped Hermione to remove a bruise from her face after she got into one of the Weasley jokes “Boxing Telescopes”.

This product is especially useful as wizards are particularly prone to accidents. Despite the fact that there are probably spells in the wizarding world that help in similar situations, not everyone has the skills to use this kind of magic. The Weasleys offer a product available to all wizards and witches, regardless of their age.

Retractable ears

The sliding ears are simple flesh-colored strings. The user inserts one end into the ear and the other into the place where the conversation he wants to overhear is taking place, for example, he can insert it under the door. Despite the fact that this item can be used for nefarious purposes (and the Weasleys are well known for breaking the rules of Hogwarts), it can also be useful in dangerous situations.

Elongated ears are one of the first products created by Fred and George, and they were very useful for the Golden Trio to eavesdrop on conversations that they didn’t need to hear. However, they also used it to relive Voldemort’s realm of horrors, as it allowed them to listen to dangerous people who might be near them.

Self-coloring feathers

This is one of the various feathers that Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes offers to its customers. There are not many descriptions about them, but they are probably replenished with ink, as their name implies. In the wizarding world, people usually have to tuck their feathers in by hand, so this product can save them a lot of time.

It’s funny, but Muggles already have a lot of pens that can be used as a pen for self-study, and they are probably much cheaper. However, given the ignorance of wizards regarding Muggles, it’s good that they found another way to instantly fill their feathers.

Reusable Executioner

This toy is a magical version of the popular word guessing game of the same name. What makes this version amazing is that the little wooden man climbs the stairs to the gallows every time the players can’t guess the letter. This version of the game is so funny that in the Nintendo DS version of the Half-Blood Prince video game, Harry even finds it for his girlfriend Ginny Weasley.

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Despite the fact that this game is not as mobile as pen and paper (or, in this case, pen and parchment), it is good enough to play with friends in a common room and not waste ink or parchment. In addition, it makes the game more interesting and exciting.

Solar Spells

Solar spells are part of the store’s products dedicated to the weather.